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Love Song for Coffee

As I was signing up to Oasis mag the sound of the coffee machine filled me ears. It a cheap one that takes 10 minutes to make a pot and itclicks and grrrs. I live off of coffee. Not shortly after my cate started hacking up a hairball. My floor is all tile except for the rug in my kitchen, and he slinked over to hack up on my rug. Why does he always do that?

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I had a panic attack last thursday. It sucked really bad. At least I was able to get to the nurse right away and start to control it. The major problem was that it wasn't provoked by anything that I can think of >:o

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Life is Happy

I feel happy.
Maybe it's because I just ate a large spoonful of chocolate...
Or that iced coffee....

I drew a pretty picture of an alien with a sharpie and a silver rubber stamp pad. Now I look like the tin man... Oh well.
I went to this bead expo thing yesterday. It may sound girly, but making earrings is really fun. They're good gifts.

Pandora is awesome. I'm addicted.

In other news...
I absolutely LOVE my viola. It's so old and pretty-sounding... And made in Germany. It's all scratched up, though...
Anyone else play? We're a bit of a minority.

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Too much caffeine

Ok, so I just found out that this site is unblocked on the Da Vinci computers, so hahaha world! I so happy.

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lack of sleep

Okay, Ladies and Gents before you read this with an objective eye bare in mind the tags that accompany this post! My classmate Meghan came home on the bus with me yesturday so we could finish a project for Canadian Business law. Meghan and I had planned that she would stay the night and mom would drive her back today!

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