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Tommy Roddy of Pride High: Interview

By Jeff Walsh

"Pride High" dumps the metaphors. The characters in this comic book aren't 'mutants' just for the sake of indirectly talking about homosexuality. Nope, they are young, gay superheroes.

The comic's creative force, Tommy Roddy, recently (we're stretching the bounds of "recently" here, it was back in December, I think) spoke with me about his comic book (episode 3 of 12 was just released), the process of creating a comic, what's in store for the future of Pride High, as well as some of his own backstory and coming out.

Pride High is out now, so what was the origin and the gestation period for it?

It was probably about five years, I think. It started off as a round-robin fiction group. I forget the exact number of us, but it was over 10 writers. We created all these characters in the same, shared universe in anticipation of the online roleplaying game "City of Heroes." The game was in development for far longer than any of us expected, so we had years to write stories and build up our own little mythos. When the game finally came out, the stories took a backseat to actually playing the game. But I eventually began to miss the stories. I took time out from the game to write a novel-length narrative about teen heroes who would go on to become Pride High. The reaction from friends was very positive. However, the consensus was that the story would make a much better comic book than novel, given the superhero genre. I agreed.

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Lucifer is my new role model

Recently I read the entire series of DC Comic's Lucifer series, and I was absolutely blown away by how awesome it was.

Apart from being steeped deep in mythology, and telling more of one of my favorite sandman character's story , Lucifer himself was an absolutely delightful character. I also loved Elaine and gaudium.

Anyone else into comic books?

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