Coming of Age

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Times They Are Changin'

Sooo...hmmm, I haven't written in years. I'm 22 now- about to be 23 on Saturday. I went for years without logging on but now I'm really starting to find myself, I hope.

It's strange to read my old blog entries because it's as if I'm a totally different person. It's tempting to delete them because I sound quite superficial and unreal, but I hope that's just me growing up and into the world.

Whole New Thing: DVD Review

by Jeff Walsh

Whole New Thing is a fun Canadian movie about a boy named Emerson, who starts middle school to raise his math scores after being home-schooled by his hippie parents all of his life. More accustomed to taking a naked sauna with his parents than socializing with kids his own age, Emerson encounters trouble when he gets to the new school.

Right off the bat, he questions the English's teacher's choice in literature, which gets him noticed by some kids after class. They start by commenting on his long hair.

Bully: So, are you a boy or a girl?
Emerson: Do I have to choose?
Bully: Most of us don't choose. We know.
Emerson: That's boring.
Bully: Are you insulting me?
Emerson: Not at all. I think you're cute.
Bully hits Emerson.

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