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How old were you when you came out?

I was 19 when I came out. My friends said they thought I should have came out sooner, but I guess the timing didn't feel right. I don't regret coming out at 19, but I realize now that had I done so sooner I would have been much more happier through the awkward and demanding teenage years. I am just luck my friends and family accept me for who I am.

Does anybody think age makes a difference when coming out? Do you think a person should be out by the time they are in college?

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Coming out

Came out to my mom via email today. Half relieved and half freaked out of mind. And she wants to talk about it face to face which I don't think I can do, but she's probably going to try and corner me at home...

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impatient but chicken

The last few times I've gotten together with my big group of friends have been extremely frustrating. The last two times, we've played Truth or Dare. Fun game, right? And it is, we have a blast. But I always end up disappointed.

Every time I go, I do Truth, not because I don't like doing dares but because there are two truths that I want to share but don't want to bring up myself. When one of the two girls that I've come out to in this group goes, I try to tell them with my eyes, Ask me! But of course they never do. And when the opportunity presents itself, I chicken out.

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Got questions?

I found another site for those of us who have questions about coming out to family and friends. Its. :
GLBT Teens and family talk about their reactions to coming out to others. Check it out sometime. But remember your friends are here on Oasis.

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When Did You First Realize You Were L/G/B/T/Queer?

So yeah. When did you first realize, and because of what (like a crush, etc.)? For me it was last summer, when I realized the evidence was just piled way too high in the queer corner of things. And by that, I realized that my whole life pointed to the fact that I was a lesbian, from kissing that one girl and liking it, to those greek statues at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the female ones). I"t hit me like a ton of bricks," is the phrase I believe I should use here.

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First Time...

I'm sitting here listening to First time by IMX and thinking about the first time I kissed a girl. She was like 5 years older then me, Light skin with these gorgeous light brown eyes. We were downtown and i was soo nervous that some one that knew my dad would see me. It was still just a wonderful kiss. It was like the world stopped. I mean, It wasnt like i was in love with her or anything even close to that. Me and the girl only dated for like 4 days. But...

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Coming Myself

It's been a year since I really began to realize I wasn't straight. It's been utter chaos since then. I've called myself bi, questioning, pansexual, and everything in between. Sometimes I'm sure I'm lesbian, sometimes I know I'm straight, when I think about it I think I must be bi.

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another coming out

So I was in science class today doing a lab and the subject of conversation turned to prom. I made the mistake of saying "I know who I'd want to go to prom with" lol dumbest thing to say ever because they wouldn't stop asking me who it was. Every time the used the word "he" I wanted to laugh. people are so unaware, I mean I've been publicly "out" for a year now ( I guess I'm sort of quiet so no one notices) . finally I gave in and told this one girl I'd tell her who I liked after class. When I did she didn't even bat an eye! All she said was " Oh yeah?

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the love that dare not speak its name

So here is a quick question Oasis, since coming out is a big issue on this lovely site I was wondering if it mattered whether or not you had stuck a specific label on yourself before telling people your secrets. Like for me, I am pretty sure I'm not going to start liking guys anymore than I do right now, which isn't very much, but I am afraid if I come out as a lesbian no one would understand if I ended up liking a guy in the future.

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I have now come out to enough people to make a high five, so yeah, that's awesome. That makes, L (friend), H, lesbian youth minister at my church (God, I love my church!), M (friend), N (ex-boyfriend), and K (friend). M came out as bisexual to me, so I kinda reflexed and came out to him as well. Then N, ex-kinda-boyfriend, came out to me as bisexual, so I reflexed again and came out to him. He said something that seemed like he might be gay, though, that he was still questioning (which I am, too). I agonized for a bit when I was only out to one friend.

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movie wanted!!!

does anybody know where i can find a movie called 'IN & OUT'???

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Just Do It.

But I don't know if I can.
I think about how I could tell someone every day, every minute... But I can't. Half of my mind is yelling to just SAY IT. The other has caught my tongue in it's slimy, neural hold.

I know it has to happen eventually. Eventually. I hate that word, it makes it sound like it WILL happen. What if it doesn't?

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Wishing I can choose

I wish I could let somebody know I'm gay/bi (mostly gay). I want to, but I know that not everyone's reaction will be positive. I plan on hopefully revealing it when I leave to go to college (I'm a Junior) but want to say something.

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So I just told my friend I was a member of this site, trying to be open and honest and all that shit. I'm an idiot. I really didnt know I was so scared of people knowing but I guess I am. I don't know what she's going to do now but I don't think it will be anything bad....*fingers crossed*

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Coming out at school

After being in denial for almost two years, I finally came to accept and realize that I am bisexual. I decided I would come out to my friends today. It was really big deal for me, and I was super nervous. After I told my friends, I felt so much lighter.

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anyone on a sports team?

Is anyone here out and on a school sports team? I’m considering coming out to my fencing team, but I’m worried as to how they will react. We’re like a family – I don’t want to jeopardize that. Has anyone else on Oasis done this kind of thing? How did it go? Any advice?

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It's official!

Hey guys. For all you guys who helped me figure out my orientation, I figured it out. I am bisexual and it's official, I've come out. Not to my parents, but to 5 friends at school. 4 out of the 5 said it was totally and completely cool with them, and the other said it would be awkward for a little while, but that she'd get over it. Over all, it went ok. I'll tell you guys if I tell anyone else. It's definitely gonna be awkward between a lot of them but I'll get over it eventually. Talk to you later.
-Bi the Book

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My Coming out Article: A New Revolution

I'm gonna write an article for my school paper coming out. I've edited out my name for now, just seeing if anyone can give me guidance on how to make it better. Thanks, the article is below.

A New Revolution
An Opinion Editorial by Brennan Jones

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Had good gsa today. c was there, she was cute. what could i do for valentine's day for gsa? wearing black is too deppressing, and we're a happy gsa. And btw, can you retrieve journal entries when you go to another page by accident and they're no there anymore? I'm going to come out to friend when she comes over to sleepover. Is that too weird? i know she'd be supportive, and wouldn't think i'd be hitting on her, and otherwise i have no alone time with her.

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