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It's official!

Hey guys. For all you guys who helped me figure out my orientation, I figured it out. I am bisexual and it's official, I've come out. Not to my parents, but to 5 friends at school. 4 out of the 5 said it was totally and completely cool with them, and the other said it would be awkward for a little while, but that she'd get over it. Over all, it went ok. I'll tell you guys if I tell anyone else. It's definitely gonna be awkward between a lot of them but I'll get over it eventually. Talk to you later.
-Bi the Book

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My Coming out Article: A New Revolution

I'm gonna write an article for my school paper coming out. I've edited out my name for now, just seeing if anyone can give me guidance on how to make it better. Thanks, the article is below.

A New Revolution
An Opinion Editorial by Brennan Jones

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Had good gsa today. c was there, she was cute. what could i do for valentine's day for gsa? wearing black is too deppressing, and we're a happy gsa. And btw, can you retrieve journal entries when you go to another page by accident and they're no there anymore? I'm going to come out to friend when she comes over to sleepover. Is that too weird? i know she'd be supportive, and wouldn't think i'd be hitting on her, and otherwise i have no alone time with her.

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so recently the univ or richmond ran this letter in their student paper:

i think it captures some feelings of those who are still in the closet.

Thoughts anyone?

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Am I gay?


My name is Chris and I am 26 years old. I grew up in a very religiously devout house with a dominate mother and I say this to set you up. I recently in the last six months have begun to use my own mind to discover my beliefs versus my parents conditioning and this is something we all as people go through.

My problem is that I cant figure out my sexuality at all Im so confused.

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Hmmm- first post- coming out

So i just signed-up here, wish there was an about section, but anyway...

Mi name is José or Joseph or Giuseppe or just Jos, i live in mexico city, am 18 years old, studyin biology (love it!)
I had a blog once, well twice, but i felt, twice, that it was just too public, and i guess this can also get too public...

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I came out to my Sister!

I came out to my sister! She was totally fine with it, if a little shocked. Best possible result. I feel so much better now.

Thanks Oasis. You guys are so much help.

*hugs and kisses for all the Oasis peoples*

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What's the best way to come out?

what's the best way to come out? are the holidays a bad time?

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How did you feel when you came out?

How did you feel when you came out?

If you haven't already, what are your emotions at being closeted and/or when someone else brings up sexuality, either in a positive or negative light?

Extra Bonus Question: The rainbow flag is supposed to stand for all the different orientations and genders there are. What color are you?

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Out at work

I am officially completely 100% out to everyone at my job!

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Should I come out to my sister?

Should I come out to my sister?

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Coming out to friends is the greatest high.

So today I finally came out to my friend Chelsea. She moved away about a year and a half ago,but we've kept in touch. Even though we're really good friends there was always this tension because she liked me and I knew, but was too much of a coward to ever address the issue.

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they always come back to talk about chicks

Now I get it why old oasis users would come back and write here, even if they haven't for months or years even.. because I'm doing the exact same thing. I think it "centers" me. I need my fix maaan hehe.

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I came out to another person!

So Sunday night I went to a drive-in movie theater with my sister K and her boyfriend S. Journey to the center of the Earth and The Dark Night were playing. Journey was better than I thought it would be, I had my hopes up for something amazing with Dark night but it wasn't as good as everyone said it was.

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Almost should count

So I literally just got off the phone with my mom. She lives in MO and its about an 8 hour drive from my dads house. I miss her so much, when I decided to move to my dads I was on bad terms with my mom. That was in October. We had a really good conversation, it lasted for about half an hour when our usual ones last 5 minutes. She was at work at a job she hates; shes an accountant.

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Last couple of days

I started to paint the fence in front of my house yesturday. I get paid $7 an hour. I don't think I've ever tried to work so slow in my life. So far I've earned $42. I hope my dad doesn't cetch on that I'm working incredibably slow to get more money out of him...

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yay emotions :S

Wow, I just read "Advice from Toblerone" in the Coming out section, and it made me cry; the part about his parents saying that it's not something that can be changed, and they'll all just have to live with it, that they're sorry they couldn't help the confusion more when he was younger, that they love him just as much if not more...

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The new kid

Me so far...

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I'm not really sure what just happened. My parents seemed to take it okay, but I'm still not sure if they believe me. My mom says I don't have to feel like I need to decide. And I'm not sure they realize that I just...KNOW. My dad didn't say anything. I don't really know what they think. It's so confusing!

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In the Box

I'm confused tonight. I've sorta always known that I wasn't quite normal sexuality-wise, and I've been fine with that. I'm pretty sure that my family is accepting and as far as I know, none of them have any issues about sexuality. So, I always thought that coming out would be easy for me. I chose tonight, just cuz I think that'd be a good idea, and my best friend just came out to her parents.

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