coming out

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Well my close friends were the first to find out.. Then I went on and broke the silence with my Mom..

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When are you officially "Out"?

At what point are you out of the closet? I am out to my mom, my brother and all my friends, but at the same time my dad and his wife who are like my 2nd family don't know although they definately suspect. Somehow I haven't been able to have the balls to tell them even though I have no problem telling anyone else. so I guess my question is: am i out or not?

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I'm Not Sick But I'm Not Well. And I'm So Hot 'Cause I'm In Hell

I talked to my best friend today. I told him that I felt like my parents were gonna find out pretty soon. And he said that if I ever needed a place to lay my head his house was always available. I can have the whole third floor, he said.

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Ok so I've been thinking about coming out a lot lately. So I want to kind of write down a few things I might say to my roommate. I guess she's the one I want to come out first to.Here goes:

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I guess I've come out...

Well guys I guess, in my way, I have finally come out.

I've been sure to tell everyone I do tell that I am not completely 100% sure that I am, because it's never been officially tested, but I've told at least three people since Sunday.

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Almost 2 Years

**new to oasis this is my first**

May 20, 2008 will be two years since I have came out. I usually never remember dates but today I was searching through emails and I found the email I sent my mother. It reminded me of the entire experience. Here is my story...

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Role Reversal

My best friend through high school (and now) is a boy named Eddie. All through high school, I struggled with my sexual identity and with suicidal depression, and he was there to support me. Eddie is gay, and comes from a morally and politically conservative family that doesn't accept him or his "lifestyle choice" (their words not mine).

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out to teachers?

okay, so i'm gay and i'm proud of it. i'm sure we share this. =] and i really want to be out and open about it. i mean the kids at school should know by now. but what do you think about teachers? do you think coming out to teachers is a good thing? are you out to your teachers?

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So, I Did It

I came out to my parents. I just decided to get it over with Saturday night. I'm bisexual. The end.

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Homo say what?

I just burned myself making pasta. The water was feisty. It kept jumping out of the pot and on to me. Ouch. I'm okay though, no worries.

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this is not an introduction

Recently, my mother found and watched two lesbian movies on my computer, Saving Face and When Night is Falling (both of which are superb lesbian movies that trump all of the ones I've seen before--WNiF definitely earns my award for best lovemaking scene).

It was a considerable nightmare.
My dad stopped the car in a parking lot.

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Coming out in a letter?

I've got a situation here that I would appreciate any help I can get on it.

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Failure and Success

This week is the start of finals at my college and once again the stress starts, but this time I'm going to do it without going back to smoking. The last thing I need is to start up that again and end up getting hooked, so we'll see how well I fare without my "sin sticks".

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I did it!

Well I finally did it, I finally came out to Josh. After all the attempts to talk to him alone I finally got my chance yesterday. Out of the three people I've told, he was by far the most understanding and accepting.

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Old friends and New hope

Yesterday was the day Josh and I were going to hang out, which is cool because we haven't seen each other in awhile. It was also the day I planned to come ou to Josh and cross another name off my list. I also had another motive in coming out to josh though.

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Today couldn't have gone any worse. First off, my friend Lindsey and I hungout for the majority of the day which ended up with me dying my mohawk red. My parents didn't agree with this and it led to an argument the likes of which I hadn't seen for years.

Times Have Been Better: DVD Review

by Jeff Walsh

In "Times Have Been Better," Jeremy is a 33-year-old, successful banker who is moving into a new loft with his boyfriend. To mark the occasion, he decides to finally tell his parents that he's gay.

Unlike most movies where the gay character and his journey would be the main focus of the movie, Times Have Been Better shows how Jeremy's revelation rattles the very foundation upon which the family relationships have been built. Once the family members get a taste of honesty, they start questioning their own lives and the relationships they maintain out of convenience.

His mother and father almost stop talking to one another. His mother befriends her bitter queen of a co-worker and rejects the friendships she's maintained for years. His father cringes at every question about his son's sexuality, and at the homophobic comments his friends make that never bothered him before. And his brother finally gets undesired attention now that the successful, older brother in whom the family had rested their hopes isn't seen as impervious anymore.

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I'm back from my three week break from college. Yahoo.

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the worst is over.

so today was the day that I came out to Mom. let's break this down piece by piece now...

I was getting a haircut today in the city, so Mom walked me over to the train station, because I live in a slightly bad neighborhood and Mommy is afraid I will get mugged. :D

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I post too much, too often...

I have figured out why I care so much all of a sudden about my fingernails. The little kids at my work, think I'm amazing because I paint my nails random colors. With sparkles or multiple colors. It's a pretty cool group of kids...I work at the YMCA. Where they promote "Strong Christian Values." I could giggle everytime I see that sign. It cracks me up.

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