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I'm back from my three week break from college. Yahoo.

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the worst is over.

so today was the day that I came out to Mom. let's break this down piece by piece now...

I was getting a haircut today in the city, so Mom walked me over to the train station, because I live in a slightly bad neighborhood and Mommy is afraid I will get mugged. :D

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I post too much, too often...

I have figured out why I care so much all of a sudden about my fingernails. The little kids at my work, think I'm amazing because I paint my nails random colors. With sparkles or multiple colors. It's a pretty cool group of kids...I work at the YMCA. Where they promote "Strong Christian Values." I could giggle everytime I see that sign. It cracks me up.

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first post

so recently I've been spending more time in silence, thinking, because I'm coming out to my parents soon. I know for a fact that it will probably be one of the worst days of my life, my parents are *extremely* religious and rather homophobic, but I feel like it's now or never. I'm tired of living a lie and telling them shit that isn't true so they'll leave me alone.

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A Letter

A Letter

As I sit writing on a tear tarnished piece of paper.
I struggle to find words that express the feelings that lie in me.
The confusion, angriness, sadness, and the joyfulness all pour out on the paper.
I brainstorm as I try to figure the right words to help you understand me.
I look out the windows to a tree, the leaves green as it always have been.
I look at the majesty of life.

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Came out to mom. About a half hour ago. Feel like puking. Elaborations to come later.

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Gay debate on BBC Five Live

This is here for all the people from the UK, I found this on another site but they may be using people from other countries as well

From (

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First personal coming out.

Okay. So I told the first person (who isn't my lesbian bestfriend/ex girlfriend) that I am infact bisexual.

C knew because well, she's a lesbian. And there was just comfort in that. But we had our relationship, our perks and our flaws. And it came down to just allowing it to be open. She's out and I'm like a retarded moral wreck, so I'm slowly (but surely) just trying to get out there.

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Gay Johnny

I love this video :D

Vote for the best coming-out T-shirt! Feel free to critique.

I came out and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
18% (6 votes)
Love is love is love in rainbow colors
12% (4 votes)
Heterosexually challenged
41% (14 votes)
Rainbow carrot (I work on a farm)
0% (0 votes)
Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Purple in different colors than they actually are
0% (0 votes)
Sappho is my homegirl
3% (1 vote)
No one knows I'm queer
12% (4 votes)
I don't mind straight people as long as they act gay in public
6% (2 votes)
Oklahoma-style: I've got a beautiful feeling everyone's turning out gay
0% (0 votes)
Those 50's style "I've got a sin coming on" postcards, except with a girl
9% (3 votes)
Total votes: 34
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Gender-queer? Anniversaries.

Woaaaaah... I was right!!!! I might have gaydar (transdar?

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Signs of Change

After about a year and a 1/4 of reluctance I've finally come out somewhere where I was a bit afraid to.

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Last Two Weeks of High School: Coming out?

So... I was talking to may gay friend who graduated last year, and I was mad at him because he didn't come out in high school. I mean, jeez, he would have made me so much happier if we both knew about each other. And he could have been a role model for so many kids at school.

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Finally OUT...

After 3 years of being in the closet, i came out.. i felt like it was time. i first told my really good friends, then told my other friends, everyone was cool with it.. i even told our gsa group at school which i have to say was really supportive. i told my mom, which i new she would be cool with it and she was.. 101 percent support from your mom is the best.

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Out to One More

Yesterday I hung out with T. T is one of my good friends, the one who made all the jokes about me being gay even though she didn't know. I've mentioned her and her jokes before. The jokes are funny, actually, not offensive. It was just wierd since I hadn't confirmed my being gay with her. But anyway, I had it on my agenda to tell her I was, but the right time never really came.

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Oy Fucking Vey On A Pogo Stick With A Martini

On Monday I came out at school. It went like this:

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Coming Out: Am I Ready?

For a good few months I've wanted to come out so badly. Even more so with the Day of Silence, seeing that the school is hostile but with that glimmer of hope. Also, reading Keeping You A Secret scared me, but also gave me courage.

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I'm 20. I'm gay. I can't come out.

Hello. This is my first post here and I just joined the forum. Let me start off by saying i'm very confused. Not sexually but I am confused as to how to approach other people with my sexuality. I'll say this, I've been gay ever since I can remember - even when I was a young lad, not even in my teens yet. I've always been attracted to guys.

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refrigerator couches and car stereos

Major coming out #2. Tim convinced me to come out to my friend Alex, who I've literally known forever. It scared me because she can be a little homophobic and she is just so oblivious about a lot of things, like, I look really gay and if I never told her, she'd still think I was the straightest straight in straight world. Ha.. lame. Anyway so this is how it happened...

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monterey two: first gay moment+coming out

On Tuesday I saw a beautiful girl in downtown Monterey which resulted in my first "gay" moment with someone else.

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