coming out

Author gives gay youth their due in new book

By Jeff Walsh

As the late Kurt Cobain used to sing on-stage in Smells Like Teen Spirit: "Our little tribe has always been and always will until the end."

Author Linnea Due, 47, agrees with Cobain, but says considering the strides and volume of books and information written for the gay community, youth have been snubbed in those advances.

Outing Yourself tells how to remove closet from your life

By Jeff Walsh

Each school year marks a time of change, from having new teachers and classes to new demands and expectations. For queer and questioning students, it can also mean debating whether or not you will tell anyone about your sexuality this semester.

But deciding to come out, by either telling one special friend or the entire student body, is a major step.

Viewpoint: Logging on, coming out

from The Advocate, Issue #666, October 18, 1994, page 6

By Jeff Walsh

I was 23 when I accepted that I was gay. I remember it being such a rush to finally talk to other gay people on my home computer. At that point I thought falling in love and living a happy life were things I could never have. I'll also never forget how alone I used to feel after I shut off my computer because that was the only place my gay community existed.

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