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Several unrelated entries, most of them not all that long

These various entries are combined into one because a prolonged lack of electricity prevented me from finishing or submitting any of them until just now. Had the electricity remained, probably only two would have ended up being written, because I try not to post more than one entry a day, in the hopes that the site won't be clogged up too badly with all my random thoughts and feelings. Also I think I'm going to start putting tags on my journals, which I haven't done before. This one takes an unfortunately large number of tags, I'm afraid.

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Just now

(Just now, during dinner. Sentences in italics but not parentheses represent my unspoken thoughts)

Mom: You seem especially down today.
Me: No.
Mom: You do, though.
Me: I feel no more down than usual. Really, I don't. Although I can see that I've been acting that way. Maybe it's just a weekend thing.
Mom: It seems like more. You are usually down?
Me: A little bit.
Mom: Usually a little bit down... Why is that?

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I want to scream

Okay so it's been awhile since i have written here; and i sense it will be long. I ah I don't know how to say this. I have used R. as a crutch not believing someone will fall for me because of the chair blah blah blah obviously stupid I know. Let that prelude the rest of this post.

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I'm moving back home tomorrow or the next day. There were conditions involved and stuff. But I think it will turn out for the best. I dunno...I like my freedom and I'm really inderpendent, but we'll see. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. But my mom totally tore into my dad about how he alienates me and stuff...So thats a good thing. I dunno. I need a new friend.


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