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Argggh Fucking Hell :( (

So I went on this holiday right with a couple of friends, one being my friend called Kevin. Kevin invited his friend Alan. Alan liked me, I liked him. 4 weeks later we were going out and he was my boyfriend.
He was wonderfull, I was introduced to the rest of Alan and Kevins friends and they were so nicee.

I talked far too much causing annoyance I suppose and I think I could have like put like bagage on him or some shit idk.

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Ok, first, I love the new updating formatttt.
Can you tell I haven't updated in a while?

I'm so...BLAH.
I'm going to see a psychiatrist for the first time tomorrow
which is scary.
I don't know...
it's a guy, an older guy at that.
If I don't like him or w/e, he said he'd refer me to a chick...
we'll see.

Meanwhile, everything else is a mess.
My ex & I are friends again

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