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i need opinions

so i'm making my own webpage and it's going to be hosted on my old notebook (converted it into a server). it's my first webpage and unfortunately i can only put up an MHTML webpage, and to make a long story short it will be plain and simple webpage similar to the webpages in the early days of the World Wide Web. the server will be hosted privately under password protection, since i'm not ready to have it go public it's a test run so to say. so no one be surprised when i ask you to test run my webpage, and do whatever you can to see if you can find dead links, errors, Et Cetera.

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Question for the artists and computer peoplez at oasis...

Ok I have a really quick question...

I wanna get a Wacom drawing tablet, and I was wondering if anybody knows of a cheap source to get it from. The cheapest one sells at best buy for like $100.

Any Suggestions?

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I hate my computer sometimes, It's angry at me. I kind of sort of want to kick it, except that might make it more angry, and since my other computer is half-way taken apart, I'd have to fix two. Anyways, my dad's unit changed, and since this unit is new and hasn't been to Iraq, theres a higher chance he could go on his third tour. That pisses me off.

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