Computer problems

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My computer's condition is even worse now...

So my computer started having those problems earlier this week where all of a sudden nothing would show up on the monitor except for "VGA input : No Signal" and then the monitor goes to sleep. Before all I'd have to do is restart the computer to get a picture on the monitor. But today when I restarted my computer after this happened still nothing appeared on the monitor. I don't think that the computer is fully booting because it doesn't make as much noise when it's booted up. Also the lights on the keyboard and mouse don't light up.

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I need your tech help

If anyone can help answer this I would be forever thankful =)

When I'm not using my computer I turn off the monitor. Recently though, sometimes when I turn the monitor back on it says "No input" and it then gos to sleep, but the computer itself is still running. I then have to restart the computer by holding the button on the tower. Does anyone know what's going on here? And how I can help this?

It only started doing this over the past couple months or so (I think) and it seems to be happening more often recently.

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