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i offically love the internet....

ok, has anyone here heard of a site called 'the hex files'? if not, i pity you! it's great! i just spent like 3 3/4 hours on it reading hp/dm fanfics, and loving them! they are one of the better sites i've visited and i am now addicted to them.

i'm also addicted to the manga called inuyasha... yeah, if my friends ever find out about this, i'm not going to live it down....cuz i kept busting their chops about them going on&on&on&on about it and now i do the same thing....

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Does anybody have any advice on buying a new computer? I want to buy a new one now that I have some money, but I'm not really sure what to look for. Is it possible to get a good computer for under $500? Are there certain brands that I should look for or ones to avoid? Is it a good idea to buy refurbished PCs? Are there any specific stores that are good to buy from/have good deals?

I still have a monitor so all I'm buying is the tower.

Any help and advice would be appreciated!

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for all the techies, computer geeks and people who know pc stuff...

I am interested in making a website. Is there a website that could help me with this that you might reccomend? All information is greatly appreciated since I am not computer-science-oriented and have some problems with these sorts of things. I think it has something to do with my sibling being a computer science engineer but we'll get into that another day.

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I finally got the replacement hard drive for my laptop yesterday. It only took A MONTH for HP to cough it up. Assholes.

Anyway, I'll be largely involved in migrating everything over from the dinosaur I've been using for the last couple of weeks, but I'll check in regularly still. I just may be a bit more quiet than usual for the next couple days.

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Hey, I haven't been on in a while because I didn't have internet access all summer, which was awful beyond all awfulness. Anyways, I'm at college now. It's okay. I'm thinking about transfering because I'm not being challenged. A bout of depression is coming on, which sucks.

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It's been a while...

A lot's happened since I last posted.
After my last post, I finally went to pick up my parts; It took a day to build my computer, which didn't work, and then the rest of the week to figure out I missed the LPT cable >.>
This computer's a lot faster, and has better internet connection, Hooray!

After that I headed off to summer camp.

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So I had this nice pretty post a typed up...and then my computer spazed out. WTF!!! It was all funny and cute...and then...POOF. so I'm done for tonight...I'm not sharing what happened at my gf's house until tomorrow.


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I feel like dancing

I'm listening to The Fray at my girlfriends house right now and that makes me feel like dancing. I'm wearing her shirt, because I like her clothes. And Her keyboard is nifty. It has LED lights under the letters. And I am highly amused by it. I like shiny blue things. And apparently, she likes having her hands on me...yep yep, not that I'm complaining.

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