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I done a conference

It went so well, I can't even. there were upwards of sixty people there, all enthusiastic and eager and and and there is something really overwhelmingly good about standing in a room listening to people networking and connecting and actually *talking* about these issues, about that coming together of community, hearing people say they want more things like this, like they've felt isolated outside of the big cities, that they're coming away with new ideas and ways of thinking, and knowing that you were the one who made it happen.

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The motherfucking conference is live.
/passes out
April 28'th. There is no turning back now.

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lists make life seem more manageable

Goals for the week

Find other ways to deal with constant mygrane/watering eyes/nausia/exhaustion because the doctor can't see you for a month and you can not keep doing this
Act more happy so people stop asking awkward questions.
Update your profile and put up a pic on okcupid; wish really hard
Write a 3000 word essay about england before tomorrow night

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writing a journal entry is easier than writing an essay

So the other day I read some theory by fucking Deleuze that breezed right past Foucault and made all kinds of sense. My worldview was fucked up. No more panopticon? Shit's getting real, you guys.

Protip: Planning a provincial conference basically on your own is really stressful when you don't know yet how much funding you're getting and the guy who was supposed to get back to you about space over a week ago... hasn't. *twitches like a twitching thing*. Finding pannelists has also turned into a bit of a video game and makes me feel like a horrible person.

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