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How can you think that? I've been lucky in my life. I've only ever met hostility about my sexuality MAYBE twice in my life. One of those times was when the parents of my BEST friends for almost 4 years...told met that I was forbidden to spend time with her in her room alone because I fell under the category of "boy". That was a slap in the face. I couldn't understand how these people who had known me for years, let me sleep over their house, eaten countless dinners with me, watched me and their daughter grow up together....treat me like that.

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I am a fourteen year old, female, music loving teenager. With one difference. I am bisexual.
Only recently [recently as in, like, 5 days ago!] did I tell anyone that. My friend, and my BEST friend.
Oh, the most important detail. I am crazily in love with my best friend. Maybe not crazily, that was the wrong word. Just...she is so perfect. We do everything together. I only met her just over a year ago. But still.
I told her, via IM, and she said she thought she might be too. I didn't tell her that I like her, just that I was bi. Now she practically knows my life story.

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help? please?

ugh, why just when i want to settle down and get my life on track...
my exs gotta try and fuck it up. I finally had the guts to ask Crystal out and then dani and another one of my exs gotta try and hook me again, and they both knew what they were doing when they did it, what the hell am i supposed to do?

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Spending the entire summer at the theater is my idea of heaven. Even if heaven does involve an awful lot of push-ups. Yes people, acting is not all glamor, we the students do have to work out every morning. Not sure what the full company members do. :-)

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"It's complicated"

okay so winnie's status on facebook went from single to "It's complicated".... last night. I havent talked to her since Friday so i am worried that my hopes could be shattered what do you all think?

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is he str8 or bi

i wrote this earlier but.. goin to try and shorten it and say it better.. my cousin was with this guy for bout 5 years.. they broke up a year ago she moved on and moved in with her man.. the guy jason is still staying at my familys place and hasnt dated since at ALL,... ;) well one night we all went to a party came back were all drunk with everyone crashed there..

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Okay, I seriously need some help. So, I am a senior in high school and play the straight role. Some people tend to think I am gay sometimes but not all. I mean, I dont act it, I think. Well anyways, I met this guy in one of my classes. His name is DEE and he is a freshman. But I'd say he looks and acts much older. Seriously, I am not attracted so hispanic men but, he is gorgeous.

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Oh no...

Is it bad if I'm thinking about an almost complete stranger often? Not constantly, just often...More like occasionally...well...a few times a day...Oh goddess...I shouldn't be allowed to meet new people...

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bi phase?

I hear a lot of people talking about bi being a phase before you are used to being completely gay.
I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not bi after all, but just completely gay.
But I am not so sure.

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Just because I like girls dosen't mean I'm like a guy

So.. Friday I slept over at Soras place. Which I haven't done for a while. Was fun... I came out to her brother who apparently hasn't heard yet. He was looking at this wrestling stuff and he's asking me if I think those guys are hot at all and I'm all "eww" (Well, they were all overly-buffed and in speedos.

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I can't even think of a clever title...

So I did it again this weekend. I chickened out. I spent the weekend at her house again. I even took off work again yesterday to be with her longer. I can't believe this. I'm risking my job over a damn crush. No. Love. I can't get her out of my head. The way she lets me hold her when we're alone. Anyway. I was going to talk to her. Either that or I was just going to kiss her. I even started to ask her what she felt last weekend when I did kiss her. "Hey can I ask you somehting?" I said, speaking at a thousand km a second. "Last weekend at Teri's........Nevermind."

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