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Just because I like girls dosen't mean I'm like a guy

So.. Friday I slept over at Soras place. Which I haven't done for a while. Was fun... I came out to her brother who apparently hasn't heard yet. He was looking at this wrestling stuff and he's asking me if I think those guys are hot at all and I'm all "eww" (Well, they were all overly-buffed and in speedos.

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I hate you every time you walk into my room
Because I think your going to yell at me as you did before
I hate you every time you stare
Because I think you're glaring as you did before
I hate you every time you cuss
Because I think you'll blow up as you did before
I hate you everytime you call my name
Because I think you'll blame me as you did before
I hate you when you get mad

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Omigod. &&A Rather Long "Update" For Yous.

I have a job interview on Monday after school...My first ever. God, I am soooo nervous. I hope I don't fuck up on something. *Shudders* On the other hand, I really hope I get the job (I need to make money somehow, I'm sick of having to ask my parents for money all the time.) I hope it goes good. XD There's always a first for everything, right.

I am watching Wedding Wars Monday night, as well. :)

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