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my crazy family

ohhh my god. i just had the craziest family dinner ever.
for context:
+my grandma lives in new york, upper east side. she's rather a typical grandma, technologically challenged, caring, fussy, and a tad embarrassing in public.
+my aunt (well, one of them, but i won't be mentioning the others) is a little unusual. she's a runner, fine, but she's crazy about it--she's like 5'4" or something and only weighs 100lbs. yes, she is kind of "built like that" anyway, but she's neurotic about her health.

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Random sadness-hospital

I'm obviously not good at these long drawn out deep posts about being gay and my gf or bf or whatever. I don't have one therefore nothing to talk about. Well about a significant other.
Even though i can't be deep there are otehr things i need to get off my chest so i think im just going to make some small posts so i can get things off my mind.

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