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blame it on my ADD, baby

We had a good talk. I hope I can learn to understand. I asked her for sure and she loves me. Things are unpredictable. She might not love me tomorrow but for now she loves me with everything she has, and that's more than I thought she would say. She never tells me really how much. Sometimes people are robots and they say I love you without meaning it. I'm so shitty that I can't comprehend how someone can love me. But she does. That's good enough for me I guess. I can't be selfish or sad anymore about it. I love her more than anything. She's the most important person to me.

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Getting shitty.

I GRADUATED ON FRIDAY. Yeah, it's not really a big deal BUT I did, however, have an amazing graduation party.

See, it wasn't the biggest party by any means but it was all of my friends who had graduated years ago (which means current college students, which means they know how to party).

I can make a list of why it was so great:
-Mexican food (who doesn't like mexican food? especially when alcohol is involved)
- Music
-Jello shots
-Wine in a box (classy)
-Flip cup
-Vodka/wine/mixer pong (beer is gross)
- Beer shotgunning (in which I puked making the previous statement ^ true)

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out of date

i don't know why (and i was so happy with my small accomplishment) that i didn't mention that i finally crossed into Exodus in The Old Testament. it's funny the amount of attention a person can get (these days from what i'm guessing) from just reading the bible in a public setting. it's not so much as "why?" but more "how is being religious a bad thing?". it's not like i'm converting people left and right and supporting Scott Lively or that Defend The Family crap. i'm all for my rights and people being able to be with whatever beliefs they have.

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love emotins

love is strong many people treated it wrong loves has feelings like u and me love is blind it can't see so treated it fair and treat it right so their will be nomore arguing and nomore fights just hold on to your love with all your might and if u treat it fair and if you reat it right it will be you into the light

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