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My wonderful fucked up life

My life is still a complete mess and everything is confusing me.

I finally got my license, my parents are still afraid to let me drive alone, it's understandable, but last Monday my parents finally did and I was really nervous and it was ok, but there's something weird and it's that when I drive, I mostly space out, get lost inside my head and it takes a while to realize what I'm doing.

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My crush confuses me!! :S

Ahhhh.... My crush is so FUCKING confusing! Sometimes he is very flirty with me and very nice and other times he is like if I didnt exist.
Here I've got many times when he is flirty or kind with me

Once we were on Spanish class that is almost literature and the teacher told us that we had to write the time that we saw the most beautiful person in our life. 
Half of the class invented the story. Then I realized he was staring at me various times and we made eye contact various times for a long time and sometimes he made silly faces or looked away quickly.'s picture

Trying To Be Who I'm Meant To Be

Ok so where do I start? Everytime I take one step forward, life throws me three steps back. I need to find a new job quick b/c im running out of money, and i still have to pay for university and car insurance. Me and Ricky are talking but not in public or face to face, all we seem t do is message each other on facebook. :( Wish I could get some one-on-one with him. For the past three months I've been harassed about being gay and being in weight room.

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I Don't Know

i used to have a huge crush on some guy at school and i confronted him over last summer. i knew he was gay so there shouldn't be any awkwardness but he began to avoid me and i got the hint. he obviously had no interest in me. at first it was really hard accepting the fact we could not be together.

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If there is ever such a more important moment in a girl's life, it would certainly be the firsts. All of them. First kiss, first crush, first period, first dance, first car, First.... Partner. But I think one of them truly holds the most weight. The one most significant. The one that can flip a girl's world right up on it's back like a confused turtle, or completely reorganize everything they ever thought about themselves. It is the most debilitating, overwhelming, all-consuming, frightening, and beautiful thing for a first.

A first love.

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a boy, the boy, some boy

there's this older guy who i like
he's 22
maybe a bit more than just 'like'

like i actually want him more than the rest
i care a bit about him
i picture myself with him. and not in bed

we insult each other. sometimes he tried to be a sarcastic prick. maybe because i'm one. good. at least he's not some pathetic puppy-like why-don't-you-love-me guy. he's smart and assertive. he's different than the rest.

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Advice for a friend--PLEASE HELP?

Hey, I wanna ask for advice on behalf of one of my friends. I was talking to her about how she needs a straight version of Oasis, then I was like *lightbulb*, I can just ask y'all.

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Can you be gay w/o ever having a crush on anybody?

This is a personal thing, since I've never really had a true crush on anybody. I've only ever been truly attracted to girls, but I've never had a crush on anyone. So, does this count me as queer yet? It seems like a good discussion topic, and as long as you're all polite, I won't be pissed off at your answer.

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1st Crush(es)

So. yeah. I think I've got my first official crush(es). I say crush(es) because there is more than one girl I think is cute/smart, but then there's one girl who's just cute... I don't know. I just thought I'd make you all aware.

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not to sound whiny or whatever...

...but i still need advice about K. here's a link to my original post...

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ok, how to tell her? --please help!, i've finally decided to tell K i like her, but i'm not sure how. should i just come out and tell her, or should i just flirt with her (more than usual) and let her figure it out or what?

...i have no idea how to do this. plus i'm scared i'm gonna lose my best friend. but i'm tired of wishing she was mine.

any advice on how to tell her, or just in general?

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Girls! your first crush as far back as you can remember!

so who was your first crush? someone in school? celeberity? doesn't have absolutely specific if you don't want it to be...guy or girls doesn't far back as you can remember! hell add some of the other crushes! i'm putting all on! don't have much anyways...

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holy frick!!!

[Um, this is an uber-long journal that you prolly don't want to read unless you've got lots of time and are good at understanding senseless babble. XD]

I had a very interesting day today, at least where K is concerned. (K is my probably-straight crush, for anyone who hasn't read my previous journals.) I was stuck at my mom's office sick, texting her, and as I've been reading Lord of the Rings recently, her favorite series, we were asking each other questions about the characters: "Who would you want to meet?", "Whose powers would you want?", etc. Then it came to this...

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I'm Back!!

OK guys I'm back now. I hadn't posted in about a year I believe and lots has happened. But so anyway my picture is not working....IDK why yet but its all good. Ok so as an update add me on facebook, my e-mail is in my profile, you don't even have to tell me who you are I will accept you.

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My Monday Complaint

So while looking for relationship advice via google (sad, I know), I stumbed upon this nice little site. Since I don't seem to have any privacy journaling in an actual notebook, I'll use this instead. Maybe. I guess we'll see how it goes.

I should really shower. We're swimming in gym, and blah. I smell like chlorine, and probably sweat from yoga. And yet here I am sitting at the computer at 1:30 in the morning. Oh well. Who said I was the most glamorous person in the world?

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god why don't i just drop out

Background: So I decided to see what would happen if I stopped calling my best friend of fifteen years. He never called me back. He was sick and dying for many of those years and our friendship, and now that he's better and I moved to college (only two hours away) he doesn't have time for me.

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*happy sigh*

I went to a concert, knowing B was working backstage, and she was happy to see me and gave me a ride home afterward. Just us. I think we talked about how much we both love Christmas. She gave me another hug right before I got out of the car.

I'm probably still dreamy-eyed cuz I feel all swirly-whirly and happy inside. I'd forgotten crushes could feel so nice.


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egad... another crush...

...let's call her B. She's in my tech theater class and sits next to me a lot. Whenever we get out of class early I find her out in the theater lobby playing the piano. Once I put my hand on her shoulder and told her she was hopelessly predictable :-) and when she reached up and touched my hand it was like... all this warmth and energy passing between us. It was awesome.

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He's just so... sophisticated!

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