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the destroyer...

i was looking through me old composition books...the ones i used when i used to write a lot of poetry and such...and so it thought i should share some with you guys...i don't care you you don't like it or not, it doesn't really matter to its all old feelings...the past is the past and it should be kept there. here's one that i called "The Destroyer";

the pain is unbearable

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Bullets & Broken hearts, littered in the street...

The title is part of a poem i came up with today in world history....don't ask, i was bored.

i got my hair cut today. i got bangs, but i dunno if i like them yet. probably once they grow out a little, i'll like them. i definitely don't like the way they look with my hair down. maybe i'm just picky, i dunno.

tomorrow's the last day of school before christmas break! yay!

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