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You ever have one of those days? (one of those good ones...)

You ever meet somebody you have the impulse that you just wanna grab them and kiss 'em? yeah, you know what I mean ;D

It was a b-day laser tag party for my cousin, and he only had 7 other friends there, but JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR FOR THE PS3 WAS HE CUTE!!!

I pretty much just oogled at him whenever we weren't playing laser tag or in the arcade, I'd pretty much just stare at him, heheh.

And he has pretty awesome sideburns/budding beard for a teenager :)

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Girls: Top 5?

ok so it's like Biohazard's but for girls...
sexist? perhaps? aideekay!

i can't choose just's just a list! (no particular order)

keira knightly
america ferera
alexis bledel
alyssa milano
jennifer love hewitt
emma watson
taylor swift
colbie callait
alice or bella from twilight (hated the movie though)
the darker haired gilr from t.A.t.U.
blake lively
leighton meester
talyor momsen
alexis grace (american idol)
megan...something (american idol)

and much much more!
your turn!
and i just lost the game!

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does anybody know where you can find cute gay anime pitures? because whenever i look, i end up getting hentai porn and yeah...=/

so, anyone have any suggestions?

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Grr I want to say Cute!

Blah this is a horrible thing in and of itself but all day I've been wanting to say that so-and so looks cute, or someone's voice is cute or my crush is SO cute. But I haven't!

I feel pretty upbeat right now and all but I self-consciously checked myself each time I wanted to call something cute since it would've sounded 100% gay with the mood I'm in added with the simple word.

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Riku here...

I just wrote something and then I was stupid and pressed a button and the stuff I just wrote is gone.. But I'm in a good mood so I'll just write it again. Whatever...

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AAAAAHHHHH!!!! sooooooo cute!!!!

this is possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen...

hope it'll play.

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cute girl in my bio class

there's a cute girl in my lecture, and she's gay too.
i kind of like her, and i'm really happy she's in my class
she made a funny joke, and i laughed, and she smiled at me
i hope she likes me too-- whoo, whoo, whoo.

(me singing and dancing around my room after today's lecture. thank god my roommate was out...)

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Candles, power outs, apple juice, cousins, and crazyness.

Well, It's been like a week right? You'll understand why I haven't posted for a week if you read what happened. =3

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i just can't win. i start to think i'm over her, that i can move on. live my life. i get a message for her and a grin like never before graces my lips.


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