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Red Dead Redemption & D.E.B.S

Anybody played Red Dead Redemption? Is it all it's cracked up to be? I've heard it's really good, so now I'm thinking of getting it. I like the idea of the multiplayer mode where you get to just ride around on your horses with your buddies and raise hell or, you know, do some good :P

I've been at my sister's house for the past week watching her dogs. Now while everybody's asleep I'm thinking of watching D.E.B.S if I can find it online w/ fairly good quality....

I don't even know why I thought of it, but now I really want to watch it.

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The Diamond in my heart

I watched D.E.B.S last night for the 2nd time it was good. I actually think I liked it better than the first time I watched it...probably because the first time I had higher expectations. But anyways, it's not my favourite lesbian movie but it definitely has it's moments....Plus, I mean, Lucy Diamonds!!! hello! Jordana Brewster!!! hello! XD XD XD

And you know, I liked Janet a lot this time around...not 100% sure why...I just did. She had good lines, I guess. Plus she reminded of Spencer(from South Of Nowhere) for some reason. Weird....

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