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My debacle

Dear Journal,

Most of us would like to think that our parents are the most trust worthy of all people and would do nothing to disrespect and or go against that. Sadly, that would sometimes mean having to live a double life to please them.

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continuing gender talks with dad

Dad is coming to visit tomorrow and I find myself really excited and kinda nervous at the same time.

So far, he's probably my strongest ally in getting mom to come around with pronoun use and general trans* respect, but I know we've got some problems too.

For one, he supports me completely and utterly... but he's kind of a push over. When things with mom get heated he chooses the path of least resistance. There's pacifism, and then there's unhealthy relationship. He just hides in his work, or just doesn't bring it up at all, even if I really need his help.


My Daughter Just Told Me She Is Gay?1

I am a Foster Parent to a 14 year old girl. She has been in my and my husband's care for almost 6 months now... we love her very much :)

My daughter has to go to weekly therapy sessions, because of things that happened in her biological mothers home. As I was picking her up recently from therapy, her Therapist pulled me to the side. She told me that my daughter revealed to her that she was a LESBIAN!!

I was (am) in complete shock! Well... we did suspect that she was Gay, because of her masculine dress and ways... but to hear it confirmed... we are just torn about this.

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Emotional day... well more so than adverage...

so as u probably guessed from thet title... i had an interesting day. i was walking arround with my gf, kim, (i call her kitten) and we were gettin kinda bored. we were gona go to the park so we decided to walk along the train tracks as a short cut. we finally got to the road and i realized... where we came out on the tracks is about the half way point between my duche bag father's house and the park. idk why i made the decision or what power came over me.. but we went up to my fathers house.

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I'm feeling very unbalanced and unbalanced. I'm craving a lot of attention as of late. And it would be fine because I'm getting a lot of attention because suddenly it seems like a whole lot of people have come out of the wood works and either like me or really like giving me attention. I get attention from a lot of guys and sometimes it's nice and sometimes it's just.. makes me feel like I need a shower afterwards. But it's not the attention I need . I know that I'm a teenager and I know that I'm 17, but I want the attention of my parents and my family.

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Birthday Party

There are a lot of May birthdays. My sister's birthday is later in the week and she's having tons of people over and I wish I had known that *this* many people were going to be here.

I talked to B yesterday about hanging out because I really don't want to be here when 25 8th granders invade my house. *eyeroll* I love my sister, but I hate her friends. It's kind of difficult to talk to her about relationship stuff when I hate her bf. That's kind of another issue though.

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Hi There! :p

So, new here, (Hi! xD)

I'm danish, gay, and somehow whinded up with a friend of mine telling me I looked like a guy.. I don't think so, but I think it funny though.. :P Just because I looooove ties..

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I have to shave

My mom and dad want me to shave my legs. They've made it clear that it's not a choice whether to do so or not, at least not with them. I tried to pay my mom back for the razor she bought me, and she told me she didn't want my money. She told me that my not shaving my legs affects her as a parent, because people walk up to her and say, "Look, I noticed utter_insanity doesn't shave her legs.

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