Dan Savage

Dan Savage?

I love him! He's amazing!
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I like him! He's smart!
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Savage Dad

If you think becoming a father will soften sex advice columnist Dan Savage's views on the world, or his willingness to say whatever's on his mind, think again

By Jeff Walsh

You may know Dan Savage from his syndicate sex advice column "Savage Love," where readers up until recently addressed him as "HEY FAGGOT." He is also a columnist for Out magazine, providing one of the few bright spots in their awful redesign. But in his new book, "The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend And I Decided To Go Get Pregnant," Savage details the path he and his boyfriend took to adopt a child. But the book lives up to his catty reputation, and Savage's biting satire and wry observations pepper the entire process. For example, Savage said he is "surprised that it's not in parenting sections of bookstores, but in the cocksucking section."

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