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Teen Problems

Dear Journal,

To a lot of high school students our final year must go out with a bang-whether that means getting a whole new wardrobe, showing a side that people never thought to have seen of you or getting a date for all the social events that are going on that graduating students would most definitely want to take part in. Now, the main problem is that although it’s nice to go to these events with your closest friends and create the best of memories with them, a small part of me wishes that I do that with a potential partner.

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Christmas Break!

Hey everyone. It's 12/13/12. I am now 15 as of November 30th. I'm going to start there :)

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i felt so loved when i signed on tonight!
(i'm pretty sure i replied to everyone's comments, if i forgot you i'm really really sorry! <3)
if anyone wants advice on anything, i love helping out other people. send me your heart in a personal message. :D even if it's about something really silly. :)

(this is a long post btw, so click on that little read more thingy! :D)

i had a really good day today.

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Thoughts for the Day

Here's my preface: I'm not a pussy.

Anyways. So I was supposed to go to the dance with T but he had to work so it didn't work out. Instead I tried to help G get a dress because I had some but none of them fit. Then we tried to cash a check, but it didn't work out.

The dance did end up being fun. I hung out with people like E (has the same name as me), A, and J. All very cool people, by the way.

So I saw S there (the girl I went to dinner with) and somehow I had her number wrong in her phone. I'm glad I fixed this problem. More dates. Yayness.

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Sometimes I think I hate dance class. I spent a half hour spinning and spotting doesn't keep you from getting dizzy, it just keeps you from crashing and actually it makes me dizzier. I ate lunch before my stomach had settled (cause I'm stupid like that) and now I'm sick to my stomach.

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Ms. Slackson, Snow Burial, Xmas Shopping && 3 Strikes

Yay!!!! Ms. Slackson is gunna be one of the supervisors for the dance I go to tomorrow....XDDDDDDD

Anyways, last night, I was buried alive in snow. xDDD It felt awesome. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I could. Haha.

Got some Xmas shopping done, not much else, except I went bowling today and almost scored 3 strikes in a row. xD

Well g2g see you.


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