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Pshht. U totally wanted details..Don't lie.

First Date! Twas pretty flippin sweet.My mom thinks shes a little kid way, not in a pedophile way. lol She looked beautiful! . Her mom picked out the movie (owch!) and she stayed with us (lesser owch!).
The movie sucked (Angels and Demons), but on the upside, I got to hold hands and laugh with my baby girl. I had butterflies in my tummeh the whole time.
I had a lot of fun and I hope she did too. :)

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Yay, i have a hot date this weekend.

So i was browsing gaydar the other night, and I found the profile for an old friend of mine , that I hadn't seen in years (ever since we used to do the drug orgy thing together).

I contacted him, and it turns out he is moving to cape town this week, plus he is single now.

So we are meeting up for sushi.

He's also really hot, and he's a doctor =)

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Everything you Want-vertical horizen

I met Zoe when our GSA went to CSG for a field trip. We exchanged emails--i thought for sharing information, and went on our first date in a week. I barely got to the coffeshop where we were supposed to meet because of an odd variety of factors including robex, band, my friend jon, and mosaics.

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I got a date... Kinda

So... you know that girl in my chem class that I was totally hitting on and almost got filed for sexual harassment. that was a fragment wasn't it... well anyway... I'm going to dinner with her tonight. And a few other people... but still... she invited me to dinner with her.

I'm so happy.

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