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December Seems to Be Rather Bleak So Far

Well, December is turning out to be a rather crappy month. I've had two dates planned scheduled so far (okay, not dates, per se, but plans with men). First, my BFF Casey was supposed to take me out to dinner on my birthday, but he got sick and had to cancel. Then tonight, another friend, Martin, was supposed to come over and do the pizza delivery+movie thing. So can you guess what happens?

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what do i make of this?

There is this boy in my grade named Ari who I've become pretty good friends with. He doesn't know that I'm gay (I call myself gay even though I'm a girl) I'm pretty sure he's straight. So, today we were talking about what movies we liked and I said that I didn't see movies that often. Then he said that I should see a movie with him some time. Is this him asking me out for a date?

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And I think my heart is breaking

I am tired of girls who break my heart. I am tired of boys who break my heart. I can handle rejection. I can even handle being dumped. Bt hurt me when I've given you so many second chances and almost 2 years of my life?

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Gay Dates 2007

Hey all =]

I was wondering, could we compile a list of all the important queer dates of 2007?

Example- Pride Week, Day Of Silence etc?

I just figured it'd be a good idea.
And...I havn't got much of a clue myself, hehe.

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