David Mixner

David Mixner's "Brave Journeys"

By Tim Miller

Just in time for the 2000 election season, David Mixner, once called by Newsweek "the most powerful gay man in America", has offered us an astonishing new book "BRAVE JOURNEYS: Profiles in Lesbian and Gay Courage". These inspiring life narratives written by Mixner (with collaborator Dennis Bailey) provide a bracing challenge to lesbian and gay citizens as we face our political reality in the new millennium.

Gay politico David Mixner talks about Clinton, Congress and controversy

By Jeff Walsh

David Mixner and President Clinton were born three days apart. Both dreamed of serving their country, but there was one difference between the two men. Mixner is gay, Clinton (quite obviously) is not.

In his brutally-honest and fascinating book "Stranger Among Friends," Mixner chronicles his life in politics. He was responsible for organizing the largest march to protest the Vietnam War, and has been active through the time he was a high-ranking openly gay advisor to then-Governor Clinton in the 1992 campaign.

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