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Would You Care to Listen to my Heart for only a moment?

Last week it was Valentines Day.
I celebrated my one-month anniversary with my boyfriend.

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My Weeekend was great!!

The sun was shining and I had decided to take a break from my laptop.

I went out and played with Lacy my dog and it was so warm out so I took out a book and did some reading.

And guess what me and my little brother barely fought at all, and the one time was only because (yes I admit it) I was being an idiot, I tricked Lacy into knocking him over, but I apologized, and it was okay and by the end of the day we were friends again (usually he holds a grudge longer).

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Day of Silence

Yay my first post. :)

Anyways, so tomorrow is Day of Silence at my school. I was thinking of doing something like this: and not talk all day,
but I don't know if I should.

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Had good gsa today. c was there, she was cute. what could i do for valentine's day for gsa? wearing black is too deppressing, and we're a happy gsa. And btw, can you retrieve journal entries when you go to another page by accident and they're no there anymore? I'm going to come out to friend when she comes over to sleepover. Is that too weird? i know she'd be supportive, and wouldn't think i'd be hitting on her, and otherwise i have no alone time with her.

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