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My realization

Since I got out of a relationship with a fiance I had for 4 years, i've been hooking up with random women to fill the empty void in my heart. i've forgotten how to care and respect a women. i would only use the women who were worth something to stick around and who cared for me to get to the next women i would cheat with. i was becoming, and stilll am, really a worthless piece of shit. but then one night i couldnt stop the thoughts in my mind from taking over and i allowed myself to hear what my head had tried to tell me many times.

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Deep Within

another one of my many poems in my lost but now found composition books...this is called Deep Within;

as the tears are flowing
and the cuts are growing
ad opening to the heightened pain.

but as each and every word is said
and soaked within
the anger and hostility begins.

there are more sad than happy days in a week
and as many cuts that cover the body
enough that it hurts to live.

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