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What you hear everywhere and nowhere- my sad story

I don't know what inspired me to search on the band Oasis, well yeah obviously because I love that band, actually I meant I don't know what or who inspired me to search on the band Oasis at this exact moment. I was feeling really really low today and I finally found an outlet for my emotions. Thanks to whichever deity that is looking upon me.

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Don't Follow- Poem About AIDS

Inspired by this video:

Don't Follow

I want to let you in close to me

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This was written after/during a bout of severe depression and bitterness. You were warned.


Stories like mine do not get told
Boys like me do not grow old
Pain like mine is never seen
In novel, song or silver screen
Say it again

Chains like mine must go unbroken
Words like mine must go unspoken
No heart like mine should e'er be filled

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