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Another Day In A Cutter's Mind

Okay, so today sucked. Double Science...Yeeuck. AND it's not with Ms. S, either. :-( Double whoo-hoo. Not.
I lost my blade today...at school in a toilet...Damn. No cutting. That sucks...seeing how much I cut today...about maybe six or seven seperate times...I'm like addicted to it.... :-( There's these huge red cuts all over my stomach and around my...ehem, places...Uhm, yeah. Anyways.

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Ms. S.&Email=Excitement! New Friend+Dancing=Fun! Christmas+3 Days=Awesome!

Okay, so Ms. S. wasn't supervising my dance after all. DDDDX *Cusses* On the other hand, I sent her an email wishing her a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :-) I hope (above all) that she reads it, then, if I'm lucky, she'll reply. XD But, I don't think I'm THAT lucky. Heh.

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