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Support is needed badly

There is a young man in his mid 30's walking across America to end discrimination by gender. His name is Alan Bounville. He is raising awareness of gender discrimination and promoting equality for all Americans. He is a gay man. He also does a short skit or play at various locations and it is a wonderful one. It brought tears to my eyes since he talks of those who have given their lives in this fight. People like Mathew Shepard, Bryan King and more. He is currently in Florida south bound to Orlando, He will then head back north to Washington DC.

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discrimination in the work place

I have been feeling pretty down lately... Everyone at my work knows that I am transgender and that my preferred name is Jay. I asked my manager today if I could change my name tag to Jay instead of my birth name. And immediately she said "Absolutely not" and when I asked why she said "It isn't your legal name". When I brought up the argument that other people have their preferred name as their name tag for example Nate instead of Kenneth, Jo instead of Josaphine, and Matt instead of Matthew. They said "Talk to the owner about it".

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If any of you guys need something, try to refrain from using amazon.com. One of my friends is a gay author and they wont list his books. They say that books written by gay authors or on gay topics are "adult" and will not be listed with the others. They say it's a glitch, but this is the second time they have done it. And now authors are getting angry.

Right now I am not going on amazon.com, and I am persuading others not to. You can do whatever you want, but it's just egging on discrimination against gays.

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At prom, I must play straight

This is going to sound really stupid, but it's been driving me mad and I'd really like some advice.

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UK Present Miscegenations Law.

For marriage or civil partnership to be contracted in the UK between a UK National and a Non-EU citizen, a certificate of approval for C.M./C.P. is required to be presented to celebrant. However an exemption is made for Church of England ceremonies where marriage license can be requested from ecclesiastical court.

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Stupid people......

i dont know why life has to suck so much sometimes...
i hate having so much discrimination in the world..

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