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Came out

On January 20th i came out to my mom. Boy was that the worst mistake i made. lol i mean she went through a heckload of personalities in a matter of 1 & 1/2 days.

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poem: disgust

to think of all people you would be this way
the one that guided every time i went astray

to think that i could not please you
if i could i would change for you

i am who i am and unfortunantly
you would shred sanity unsparingly

the fight between us is a pointless battle
my mind being thrown around like a rattle

to think of all poeple you would be this way
all because i am simply gay

you look of disgut
for your covered in dust
and the strength of trust
indeed a must

to survive the dive
shoes tied cause you lied
tripping then stripping me
of all my pride

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