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One Loveable Creature

Through the hardships that I have had, either telling my parents and friends about my sexuality or battling my depression. There is one thing I know, that one living creature has stood by my side this entire time with unbounding love and affection and that would be my dog, who's name is Shep. Without him, I don't think I would have been able to make it. I think I would have had a mental break down and possibly commited suicide. But he was there for me the entire time, showing me love and affection and always listening to my feelings as well as just being by my side.

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YAY!!! Lacy's saved!!!

For those of you who are wondering Lacy is my golden retriever (a dog).

My mom went to wherever to get her a week or so after christmas but Lacy started sheding A LOT she was covering some of the down stairs furniture with a fine layer of fur.

Well mom couldn't handle it and wanted to get her a new home but I convinced her to get a better comb and after she saw how well it (the comb) worked she decided it wasn't such a mistake to get her (lacy).


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