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Question for the artists and computer peoplez at oasis...

Ok I have a really quick question...

I wanna get a Wacom drawing tablet, and I was wondering if anybody knows of a cheap source to get it from. The cheapest one sells at best buy for like $100.

Any Suggestions?

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What do you draw / what style?

I was wondering what you guys and gals and guy-gals and gal-guys like to draw. (that was a mouthful) Also your style. Also maybe if it's different then you're favorite subjects or styles.

I love digital art, and recently I got a deviantart account. Some of the art there is AMAZINGLY sick! I've actually got into looking at the Anthro stuff (animals drawn to look like they have more of a human structure, like hands *think cartoons w/ animals like tom & jerry or something*). It's pretty cool what some people can do.

If you like just Anthro stuff, there's also www.furaffinity.net

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I came out to my mom for the second time

Weeeeell, I told my mom that I want to become a vegetarian today. I finally worked up the guts to do it. It was kind of like when I came out to her, only less difficult. She nodded and said that was okay. I told her that I got a book from a library called Vegetarianism for Teens, and she said that she'd like to read it when I was done with it.

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I've got short hair now! Before it was shoulder length, but now I've got a boy cut. It's awesome! I have this really, really thick black hair, and it always felt like it was in the way before I got it cut. It was like I was wearing a blanket over my ears or something. But it's all good now. Yay!

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I'm gonna go on a TRIP! (This entry contains a long rant; you have now been warned)

So, on Friday I'm going to leave on a trip with my lesbian grandmothers. I'm going to go to Oregon, which is right above California, and since I live on the East Coast of the United States, that's going to be a loooooong plane flight. The trip's going to last for two and a half weeks. I'm kind of scared...

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