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NOOOOO! Why did it have to end?!?!

I had this dream where I went to meet this girl from Oasis downtown with my nephew. We were in this shop at first with some other people and I immediately knew that I wanted to be with her. Then later on we were in my bedroom and I was talking to her. Later she wanted to play a game where we all get play married to each other. So I went to the bathroom while my nephew was downstairs with her. Then he came upstairs and walked in on me on the toilet (lol). He was at the sink, looking in the mirror and getting ready.

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i wish dreams really did come true...

I had a dream last night that was something I've been wishing and wishing to happen. Firstly, (in the dream) one of my friends joined Oasis. I remember in the dream her username was Michelleasusual or something. Anyways, she commented on one of my posts, one of my angsty why-doesn't-K-love-me ones, but not one where I mentioned "K", so she was like, "Um, what were you talking about here?" I told her to read my other posts and if she figured out who K was to please not say anything. Then, later on in the dream, K herself was like, "Isn't Oasis that site you're on?

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Weird Dream

I'm thinking about this weird dream I had last night that in retrospect is making me sort of sad. I won't go too into it, but there were two major events in the dream. Firstly, the girl who I like (who is straight so far as I know) said (not in so many words) that she was bi. The other big thing was, I cut off all my hair (something I've been wanting to do for ages in real life) and I totally freaked about it--like, had a tantrum at my mom, who did the cutting, for not doing it right.

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Dream, Orchestra, and Braaaaaaiiiiinnnnssss!

Last night, I had a dream.
C and I were walking around a white place...
We were wearing these flowing white robes, and we sat down on a white bench that seemed to connect with the endless world of white around it.
We were about to hold hands, when everything went dark. I think that was when I woke up.
I remember feeling happy. Like I was in the place I wanted to be.

We were practicing with the school band today (all of the wind instruments and drums), and I realized why I was never attracted to those instruments.

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Very vivid nightmare that I had...

It is the 17/08/08, early morning.

After a nightmare.

I'm going to write this down.

Because I'm not going to make this one of those moments that will fade away with time. That's all too depressing. If it slowly fades away, eventually it will mean nothing and that's frustrating. Instead I will transfer this abstract concept /thought into tangible words that will remind me for eternity.

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All the colours bleed into one

I keep starting to write journal entries the past few days every time I log in.But something seems to happen every single time to take me away from it to do something else.But now I am here writing,distraction free,I don't really know what I want to write about.So this may be a bit meandering.Or not even get posted for some random reason of my own distractions.

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Yesterday drove home to me the wonderful reality of being out of Junior Chorus. I'm in musical theater camp (as you know if you read my last journal, but you probably didn't because it was random and dull and long, so I'll rehash), and was sitting in the music/singing class thing, and we were singing a song that was reasonably high, high enough to be sung in head voice and not in chest voice.

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A weirdass dream

I had one weirdass dream last night.You know one of those dreams that loads of stuff is happening all over the place.It started off where I was in my kitchen opening an invitation to my friends 21st party.But when I opened it I was upset because it didn't say I could bring a guest.It was an invitation to me only.My mam was there and I said to her "why doesn't it say I can bring a guest?" It was th

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A Fun Dream, a Girl, and the AP Lit Exam

Have I told you guys about this girl?

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Following the trend of Dream Journals, Here's One!

so yeah, i had the weirdest dream last night. i even wrote it down so i wouldn't forget it. (it's kinda long, but worth it.)

"L" is th girl i've been crushing on for nearly two years.

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