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august rush eyes

Some people like to set sail
for topaz shores and linger
on palm-laden boulevards,
but this boy prefers the intimidating
skyscrapers of a foil wrap silver metropolis.
He thirsts for prism raindrops,
longing to hear the blaring
noise of Navajo taxis speeding past.
Indeed, late into a shiny billboard dream,
he swears he can taste sugary crumbs
from Breakfast at Tiffany's on his tongue.
It might sound silly but the kid is actually
a lost ghost from black and white films.

He wakes up in an unremarkable place
where most folks his age
don't understand why he

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Anyone else have trouble posting journals earlier?

I received an invite to Google+, so I’m just checking it out now. Interesting, it looks like there are no ‘male’ or ‘female’ options for the ‘looking for’ part, so I guess I won’t need to give a complete non-answer like I do for Facebook. :P

Btw, if anyone wants an invite, I’ll send them out. Just PM me your email address. :)

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Let's start with the good, shall we?

Okay, I had a super duper amazingly good dream this morning. I had a girlfriend and she looked like Jennifer Lawrence! Or was Jennifer Lawrence. I'm not sure. It was really sweet. And, you know, a couple of weeks ago I had dream about Natalie Portman. But that one was a little less... innocent. hah. Basically if you've seen the sex scene in Black Swan, I was in Mila Kunis's position. I don't have sex dreams very often and I've never had a dream like that about a celebrity before so it was pretty weird.

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A couple of dreams

I had a dream last night where these two guys were trying to get into our house. It was scary! Eventually they did and one guy had a gun, so I threw something at his hand and knocked it out. Then I ran, grabbed the gun, and shot both of them, killing them. It was out of like an action movie or something. It kinda cool, but it had this seedy creepy undertone to it.

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Dreams too good to be true

So last night I had the best dream ever. In my dream, I came out to my mom and sister. My mom cried a little, and my sister said she had already suspected it, but then they were both fine with it.

I cried when I woke up.

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Advice for a friend--PLEASE HELP?

Hey, I wanna ask for advice on behalf of one of my friends. I was talking to her about how she needs a straight version of Oasis, then I was like *lightbulb*, I can just ask y'all.

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Umm....teacher dream? Wtf?

Yeahhhhhh....so, I had a dream where I was flirting with one of my college teachers. LOL. And she was flirting back ;) Ummmm...this has NEVER happened to me. I've never had a crush on a teacher before. Until now I guess....although I'm not sure if it is a crush. OR if my mind just wants a crush so it's picking the woman that I've had the most interaction with lately. Weird. Put your hand up if you've had a crush on a teacher!

BTW, she's not like 50 or anything. From my guesstamation she's only like 5-10 years older than me. I don't think she's over 30. lol.

Gawd, I'm badd. lol.

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A dream or two

Seriously, my dreams of late especially are really on about that. Even the subconscious meanings of my dreams are sexual (if you believe in that sort of thing). Take for example last nights dream that involved the girl that I kinda sorta like, I mean I like her but she's married and has kids so it's very um...complicated and not the ideal crush situation...but nonetheless I like her.

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Dreams of acceptance

Then I had another dream (I think it was a continuation of the other one) where me and my *dream* gf were in a living room with my nephew, some of his friends, and my mom and dad. And we were all watching TV and that. And what was REALLY nice was that I was able (and felt comfortable) to be sitting close to my girlfriend like a real couple would. In the dream my mom was in the kitchen getting something and I was kinda worried thinking whether or not I should sit close and just be or if me and my gf should just separate so we don't make my mom uncomfortable.

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Last night...

I had a pretty good dream (which tend to be few and far between). I was in school when the girl I have a crush on came over to me and she sat next to me and when she did her arm brushed mine. In the dream I wasn't sure if she did this on purpose or if it was just an accident but I was like I'll do the same and see what she does. So I made my arm sorta brush her arm but I made the moment last longer. Then I think that dream ended cause I can't remember anything after that. It was nice while it lasted BUT hello! I'd like some longer more meaningful dreams! Please :)

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Weirdest. Person. Ever.

Why can't life be as good as your dreams you have at night? WHY? These dreams can be SO amazing and make you feel so good. Plus I feel like I can do anything and I do. I talk to random girls and I'm not afraid of rejection. Plus almost every girl that I like is gay! In my dreams that is. Then again most of my dreams turn out to have a scary twist and needless to say they are SCARY! Like last night I ended up being in a bathroom with some scary wannabe Joker from The Dark Knight.

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Dreams about comming out

I had a really odd dream last night that my sister told my parents that I was gay(I have no idea how she knew) and that when I got home they were acting all weird and like super positive about gay people and everything. I didn't say whether I was gay I just kept quiet.

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dreams, my summer so far, school woes, etc...

Almost all my dreams for the past week maybe 2 have involved this guy in my class. I never really had a crush on him or anything but i can't stop dreaming about him. these aren't even sex dreams. Most of them are more centered around love and intimacy than the actual act of sex itself. Anyway now that I can't stop dreaming about him I am beginning to develop feelings for him, which is ridiculous.

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Last Dream Standing

This time my entry's about Lass.

For the past few weeks I've been plagued by spontaneous dreams about Lass ever since our friendship entered its silent desert. This is the third time its had her and the second time its been ONLY her. And it seems like each dream connects to something I was going to confront her about in real-time.

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A Call to Friendship

I had a dream that I was friends with Mitch and Lass once again. We were sitting around Mitch's computer making jokes. Could it be an omen?

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well, it's been a long time since i write here again..
it'll sound kinda weird but i'll make this short, i'm confused about my dreams
in real life, i like femme girls and for the past few dreams i dreamnt of femme girls
but yesterday's dream was me and 'shane' from the Lword.
when i wake up, i was thinking to myself, i like butch girls?

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Teardrop-laced Dreams

So I had a dream last night after a semi-random girl who I'd call a 'friend' called me up! I never would've thought ANYTHING unique about her since she's pretty average in every single way, no offense to her; and I've heard her label herself as such 3+ times. Anyway, when she called I immediately thought:

A) Is she a lesbian and trying to come out to me/ask about my sexuality?

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Continued Chronicles of the Broken Shower that ticked off the fire alarm

So I was asleep, in the chair, in my living room, having some amazing dreams...mhmmm, you know what I mean....Gooooood dreams... ;) And all of a sudden, the fire alarm goes off. I wish I could say that I slept through it...But nooo, here I am, yawning and wishing I was still asleep. The plumber set off the fire alarm. How he did this, I don't know. Buuuuttt, he did. *shakes head*

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What a very strange evening.

At 3 in the morning I get a knock on my door. My front door is inaccessible btw.
I open up , and it turns out it's the police. In full cop garb.

Turns out we had forgotten to lock the security gate after mr delivery left last night, and they were just checking in to see if everything was ok.

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I keep having dreams that I am 1) coming out to people or 2) seeing other girls [that I know] kiss or kissing them.

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