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Drunk journal

So today we had a BBQ at some friends house with all my classmates and I eventually ended up at some friends house with my best friend and got talking about stuff for like two hours until we felt like going back there, but I got really drunk plus I hadn't eaten anything; after like there's shots of aguardiente I was already tipsy and then I took some more and mixed with whiskey so I got drunk really fast.

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"Im taking you to my wife"

I left the house around 8:40pm I didn't have anywhere to go or any plans it was my last day and I wanted it to be fun you know a blow out but it didn't seem like it was going to happen for me I was scared the night would just pass me by so I went to the corner of Webb and sedwick I stood there and waited cars whizzed by and honked but none good enough then this guy stopped and wanted to talk to me he wasn't really cute well you know not my type he was black and not much taller then me but he looked strong he told me I was beautiful and that we could have a good time drinking and maybe smoking

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