dyke drama

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Brain explosion

My brain just splattered everywhere. FUCK. That is kind of why I hate and love B all at the same time. She's an evil bitch, but damn she can be really hot sometimes. I think I just like the idea of being dominated.

And fuck this is awkard typing in teh computer lab at my school. Thankfully no one knows who B is. I mean they do, just they don't know her as B. lol

Maux-- I feel kind of bad for leaving you there. T-T That isn't really what a friend should do and I'm sorry that is kind of my shit to deal with and not yours. So I feel like pond scum.

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It's a bitch convincing people to like you

I can't decide-Scissor Sisters- fucking love 'em, don't you?
I'm more aware that I am a woman everytime I'm on this site. Like how can I be this much of a bitch to people? I don't think that I try to be this mean, it just happens by some stupid mistake that I'm making, and it's fucking people over cosmically.

Anyway, so the guy I've been talking about/to for a long ass time now. I've decided that it isn't the best idea on the planet to just sleep with him. And guess what? I actually came to that conclusion before I did anything with him that could be damaging.

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drama? nooo, not again.

wow, i haven't been on here forever, but i need somewhere to write where people aren't going to see it, but i sort of want her to see it, even though i don't want her to know i'm being all emo-y. whatever.

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