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Ellen on American Idol?

So....apparently Paula Abdul isn't going to be a judge on American Idol anymore so Ellen DeGeneres is going to take over Paula's seat. That seems like kind of a weird move doesn't it? Not that I'm a HUGE American Idol fan or anything but I've watched a few seasons and I like it...sorta. I think I'm going to miss Paula's weirdness...

Thoughts? Do you like the change?

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Spring, Portia, and Brian Adams.

It was really warm outside today. Which was really nice for a change. Apparently spring officially starts this Friday. Yet, here it's supposed to snow on Sunday......Yeah, okay. The weather is pretty screwed up. Anyways the weather was nice today. I LOVED The Ellen episode today. It was pretty freakin sweet. And I now have a BIG crush on Portia de Rossi :P Hehe. I think her and Ellen are cute together...So, I won't try and pursue her or anything :P

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Normal lesbian couple shown on TV

Did anyone watch Ellen today? She had her wife Portia de Rossi on the show today. I thought the whole episode was really sweet and funny and it was really nice to see a REAL lesbian couple on TV. And I think that it's awesome because all those straight people out there get to see a real life gay couple that is normal and cute and funny. Instead of those crazy ass lesbians on The L Word! I kid, I kid. I <3 The L Word. :P

They talked, they played The Newlywed Game vs a straight couple, and then at the end of the show they sang "I've Got You, Babe" together.

Ellen's mother writes the book on acceptance

By Jeff Walsh

Betty DeGeneres was retired and golfing before her life changed. After her daughter, Ellen, came out on national television on her ABC sitcom, Betty's life moved in a new, unexpected direction.

Betty is now the first non-gay spokesperson for National Coming Out Day, which is celebrated every year in October. And next month, Betty DeGeneres will add another title to her resume: author.

DeGeneres, Heche and Etheridge come out to support gay marriage

By Jeff Walsh

Ellen DeGeneres has been through a lot in the past two years.

She had to deal with the media scrutiny about the character on her now-defunct television show coming out of the closet, which was closely followed by the Religious Right boycotting ABC and Disney, which produced her show. At the end of that television season, she eventually did come out both as Ellen the actress/comedian and Ellen the character on the show.

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