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they always come back to talk about chicks

Now I get it why old oasis users would come back and write here, even if they haven't for months or years even.. because I'm doing the exact same thing. I think it "centers" me. I need my fix maaan hehe.

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Sweet dreams that won't come true...

She said let's change our luck
this night is all we've got
drive fast until we crash
this dead end life
sweet dreams that won't come true
I'd leave it all for you
brick walls are closing in
let's make a run tonight

blinded by the lights
hold you through forever
Won't let you go

cause if you jump
I will jump too
we will fall together
from the building's ledge

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I dont know why but i feel like my heart has gotten ripped out and put back in with a little peice missing... Idk lately i feel like my own freinds are startin to shun me or something... Like i try to talk to them and make nice and everything tell them whats goin on and they just dont listen.. It hurts ..it realy does bad... Ive even started cuttin again it feels like its the only way..

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