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Sea-glass and Valium

Icy raindrops slid down the collar of Darren’s shirt as he opened the door to his apartment complex and hurried inside, drying his feet on the welcome mat before sprinting up the staircase. The lobby was dimly lit as usual but he didn’t miss a step as he raced to number 203.

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Lately I have been really emotional. Yesterday night I just broke out crying and I don't even know why. Whenever I hear a sad song on the radio, I get really sad. I don't know if it has to do with the stress and being overwhelmed with coming out to some people, and yet still in the closet to most. Also, I know I shouldn't, but I care what people think of me. I already know 2 of my friends think it's awkward that I'm bisexual. I try to make people like me, and I know it's a bad habit. Anybody know what could be going on? I hate crying, but for some reason, I can't help it. Urg!

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