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Deep Thoughts by the Artist Now Known as Faggot

A famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh once said, that he had a problem with, dare he say it, religion. And then he would go out and paint the stars. And he leaves us to wonder, what he means by “paint the stars”. Was he painting a reflection of the stars onto a canvas for others to see and enjoy. Or was he referring to those little stars that go unnoticed. Is it not these stars…these beautiful stars, these gleaming, shining stars that mean the most? I am of course speaking of the stars within us all.

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Last Entry for 2006??

Hm....Well, reflecting back on 2006, I've had a hell of alot of ups and downs, but I made it through another year. ~_~

I went from thinking I was straight as a line to...being curious. XD I went from being unemployed, to having a job....I went from being me in 2005 to being me in 2006....

Another fucking year gone. Wow. XDD Sweetness.


P.S. Happy (Early) New Years!

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