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5 lbs gone!

A small victory, but a very satisfying one :D Also, this really adorable girl I like is coming home tomorrow and we are probably going to hang out all weekend to make up for spring break. She just texted me and said she can't wait to see me and get out of oklahoma. I got so excited lol yeah im pathetic. Anyways after a week of no antidepressants my dad finally picked up my lexapro which will just make my weekend better because I've been really crazy without them since I was forced to just stop taking them after I've been on them for more than 2 months.

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Ms. S.&Email=Excitement! New Friend+Dancing=Fun! Christmas+3 Days=Awesome!

Okay, so Ms. S. wasn't supervising my dance after all. DDDDX *Cusses* On the other hand, I sent her an email wishing her a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :-) I hope (above all) that she reads it, then, if I'm lucky, she'll reply. XD But, I don't think I'm THAT lucky. Heh.

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