Why are YOU fabulis?

I'm not in the habit of promoting other sites. Usually, my role is telling people Oasis isn't a place for them to just join and start trying to divert traffic away from here in their first post. If you don't see a lot of these posts, it's because I delete them.

But, my friend Bradford is working on a new site called fabulis, and it seems like it'll be a classy venture, because, well, he's involved.

The reason I'm posting it here, though, is I know how many of you like FREE stuff, and right now, if you shoot a video of yourself, saying why you're fabulis, they'll send you a free T-shirt. If a lot of people like your video, you may even get a free iPhone, so since I know ya'll love the free, I figured I'd break the rules a bit.

Everything you need to know is here. If you want, feel free to post your fabulis video as a comment here, and we can all vote to help you get an iPhone!

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