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Even Simpler

Interested In; Women, Men,
Looking for: Friendship, Dating, A Relationship, Networking.....

Why should i lose sleep over being shut out by people who are barely in my life to begin with?

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LGBT Facebook

Okay, here's the deal: I just joined Facebook, and I'm wondering what the hell there is to do. Obviously a lot, but I mean LGBt-wise. What is some good ol' queer stuff to do? On the facebook/myspace-orientation forum, I know someone put something about an application that gives you more sexual orientation options, so yeah, what/where is that? Are there any good groups or causes? What else? Besides the oasis groups :)

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So...Yeah, I wasn't sitting in my room naked last night

AND The fantasy I wrote about wasn't really mine. Both journals last night were crazy/awesome dares from JMY and Bulldyke. Because we're lesbians that do crazy shit, what more can I say? I also found it hilarious to confuse the hell out of all my friends and family on Facebook with the odd status changes which were also dares. I'm not OUT in the "real world" So it's always fun to push the envelope on Facebook. LOL.

I learned some interesting things about both of you last night.....Hehe.

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