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My mom is a liar.

I got in another fight with my mom over the phone. She refuses to move back up here. But she keeps trying to move me down there. She claims she tried to find a place closer than FLORIDA but she hasn't. She really hasn't. If she really tried then she'd have found a place. She dosen't actualy talk to me, she gets her parents, my grandparents to answer for her... And I just...

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My little cousin is a homophobe!

Today was great. I actually did something fun for once. My buddy Luke and I both needed to go to a candy store (Like bulk barrel for example) for our second period class. So since I needed to get a new hoody or two, well, not 'need' so much as want... anyway. I asked him if he wanted to come to the mall with me and Caitlyn. And this was the first time we ever hung out outside of school, so that's why I'm explaining the event of going to the mall with this guy.

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