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Let's go on a guilt trip....

My fatass just got a 2 year membership to 24 hour fitness!! :D So, a few weeks ago, I was in a huge fight with my dad which ended with him almost slapping me across the face. The fight mainly focused on money-as always- because my parents are divorced and he only wants to really be my father four days out of the month. Which is perfectly fine with me but when he insisted I pay for everything because he pays child support I blew up and said how can I do that when I cannot even get a decent job until I'm at least 16?!

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A poem about my father

You have taken everything from me
Everything, including my words
All I can do is look away, useless
I can’t even find the fire
That used to burn
In my veins,
Every time you would strike
Just walk away,
There’s no use pretending,
Because there are words
That you will never say
All of your conditional
“I love you’s”
Couldn’t fix this
Too many years have gone by,

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DEAR Mr. President

Ok so i got inspired by ForeverEndedToday's journal entry. And she had youtube video of Pink performing Dear Mr. President. Kepp reading after the video and i will say what i need to. Just watch and listen.

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