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i am in PAIN D<

first, before i mention why i am, haha, i wanna share what happened yesterday at walmart...:P

when i left that store yesterday, i realized that everyone in there was really normal looking and doing normal things, no odd weird people or anything, except for me cause i was running around with cheezitz in my arms, displaying my cotton candy blue hair (ends up that different light makes it a different shade of blue...XD), and dressed up in my choir uniform (lime green polo shirt, black dress pants and black dress shoes) XD

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Gender. Gender. Gender.

What comes to mind when I say such a thing. Male and Female right? That would be the general consensus, since that is the only two genders we generally ever relate to at all. But how many people do you actually know that are full blown female in everything that they do. They are feminine maybe with a few actions or their voice, or their body. But guaranteed, that female could have an obsession with bugs, which is generally male centric, or maybe they have a nasty habit like burping whenever they feel like.

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This little kid is convinced I'm a dude. UP YOURS GENDER!

Okay, so I'm here in mexico staying with some family friends, and their relatives (oh, yeah, and my family), and there is this little kid here who is absolutely convinced that I am a boy. I am, by the way for anyone who cares, (believe it or not) biologically female.

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teacher crushes!

well, ive always thought that i was lesbian...ive never had crushes on the opposite sex...until now.
not only is he a male, not only is he over 25, hes my chemistry teacher!

hes sexy, handsome, knows how to make me smile and laugh and he is so intelligent...thats a real turn on for me.

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